April 2014  
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Upcoming Events:

   SW 6 Begins
   Apr 21 2014
   6th Gr Math STAAR Test
   Apr 22 2014
   6th Gr Reading STAAR Test
   Apr 23 2014
   5th Gr Science STAAR Test
   Apr 23 2014
   6th Gr Band Solo & Ensemble Contest
   Apr 26 2014

Welcome to Liberty Hill Intermediate!  
A TEA Recognized Campus  
Serving Grades 5 & 6
"Just Do It Right: Achieve Success!"

Success is Achieved through:

A: Accountability - We are responsible for our choices.
C: Compassion - We care for the hearts of others.   
H: Honor - We are trustworthy.
I: Intellect - We purposely think about solutions to problems.
E: Excellence - We complete our work, make sure it's correct, and put forth our best efforts.
V: Valor - We are brave enough to make the right choice.         
E: Excitement - We celebrate the victories. 

2014-15 Immunization Requirements

Apr. 18th Holiday - No School
Apr. 22nd 6th grade Math STAAR
Apr. 23rd 5th grade Science STAAR/6th grade Reading STAAR
Apr. 26th 6th Gr Band Solo & Ensemble Contest @ High School
May 1 Choir Musical in Cafeteria @ 6:30pm
May 2 6th Gr Field Trip
May 5 Last day of Choir Practice
May 9 Intermediate Mile
May 10 Band trip to Schlitterbahn

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